About us

Passionice designs and produces ice skating wear in Malmö, in the south of Sweden for:

  • World figure skater requesting a unique and successful style 

  • Ice skaters, gymnasts, dancers of all levels striving for a creative and attractive impact

  • Mature women conscious with quality fabrics and perfect fit for their leisure wear. 

Passionice attracts quality conscious consumers with its vision to inspire everyone to have the opportunity to participate unconditionally in sports and feel empowered. 

Our business is founded on our values to empower, innovate and sustainably offer timeless elegance with sportswear/training and competition wear.  Passionice soul and pride can be found in our factory in Malmö.

The passion started in 2012 as Christine, native from Montreal, Canada pioneered custom made ice figure skating dresses for competition and training wear for selected skaters, while building the foundation for Passionice.

A team of talented seamstresses and designers  joined the team during 2017 to handle the growing demand from all corners of the world. Every garments are produced in Malmö, from design to finished product with high quality fabric from Italy and selected rhinestones for unique decor. The next step is to launch its collection thoughout Europe and beyond.

Passionice strives to be a sustainable as possible with local and regional sourcing and is particularly attentive to the sustainability principles throughout its supply chain by using recognized science based analysis, process and sustainable planning.

Together with our customers we are here to make an impact, empower and be your sportswear choice today and tomorrow. Welcome to Passionice!

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Ice skating and activewear clothing brand. Designed and produced in Malmö, Sweden. 🇸🇪