We create beautiful competition outfits for ice skating, dance and gymnastics.

Training collection

Besides the custom outfits, Passionice designs and produces skatewear suitable for every level of skater.  We select appropriate function fabrics and add the extra bling with Preciosa rhinestones.

Welcome to the Atelier

You are always welcome to visit our atelier located in Malmö, Sweden. Just give us a call prior to your arrival so we can ensure that someone will be available to show you our vast selection of fabrics and accessories. 

Passionice on the road:

Week 2: 13-14 January
Lundastjärnan, LundsKK


Week 5: 3-4 February
SKK Pokalen, Stockholm Konståkningsklubb


Week 6 : 10-11 February
Solnastjärnan, Föreningen Solna Konståkning


Do you wish us to visit your club during a competition?
Just send us a email at  info@passionice.com 

Passionice on the road
New dress?
Time for a new dress?

Whether your idea for a new dress is well defined or your need our assistance for inspiration. Passionice will work with you to create your dream dress.

On-off line

This year we are introducing On-Off line.  It is made of one of the best tech-fabrics for iceskating. It is breathable, moist propellant and keeps the body dry and fresh.  

Curious about it? Just click "More Info"!!

New on off collection