Welcome to Passionice: Ice Skating wear made in Sweden!

Welcome to Passionice: Ice Skating wear made in Sweden!

It is with great joy, excitement but also with a bit of stress and anxiety that we are now launching Passionice first international ice skating wear collection.

From the beginning, my team and I decided to write this blog as we went through so much these past few months.  The journey to build Passionice has been so full of excitements, challenges, sleepless nights and yes rewards, so it seemed obvious to us that the story needed to be told.

Passionice intend to be a different kind of clothing company.  We are committed to sustainability, we want that our customers to feel empowered in wearing our clothes and we have such a strong vision for the future... these 3 focuses are the cornerstones of our company and they are following us in all the decisions we make.




I invite you to follow our journey, to interact and to challenge us. We cherish your views and ideas!

Stay tuned....  

Passionice Team


Christine/Maria and Anastasia

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Ice skating and activewear clothing brand. Designed and produced in Malmö, Sweden. 🇸🇪