Skatewear & outfits for ice skating, dance and gymnastics.

Passionice designs and produces skatewear suitable for every level of skater.

Line of 4

Timeless, elegant yet very modern look, designed to fit ice skaters needs.

On Off

Lifestyle wear for your everyday training. Warming up before or cooling off after!

Pwr Skate

PWR Skate line has been designed to showcase a strong, edgy and athletic look.

Popular products

Café de paris

Café de Paris, playful collection, specially designed for the younger skater.


Galaxi collection has been specially designed for the more mature skaters. 


Lightning collection complete collection will be released during this summer.


Modern with a timeless design skirts for today’s skater

Line of 4 Skirt
54.90 EUR
Lightning Skirt
Out of stock.
PWR Skate Skirt
59.90 EUR


Functional and breathable fabrics that follow your every moves

Galaxi Top
129.90 EUR
On Off Tank Top
52.90 EUR


Warm fabrics with highwaist line for more comfort

Galaxi Tights
129.90 EUR
Line of 4 Tights
84.90 EUR
Lightning Tights - Kids
Out of stock.

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Ice skating and activewear clothing brand. Designed and produced in Malmö, Sweden. 🇸🇪